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Create a Private App


Private app is an application that can only be used by the creator's account.

1. Step 1: Create app

  • After logging in, you need to select a shop if your account has multiple shops.

  • After sign in/sign up successful, the system will show a list of your applications, click "Create App" button to create a new application.

  • Screen for create application.

  • Name: application name.
  • Description: application description.
  • Redirect Url: application domain, the system will redirect to this url when starting application.

Create success.

  • Some field need to save in config file to use: App Id, App Secret, Redirect Url.

2. Step 2: Private app configuration

  • Go to Private Token to create a private token.

  • Enter a name and select the scope for the private token

  • After creating, you can get the token corresponding to the selected scope

  • You can create multiple private tokens with the same or different scopes.

  • If you want to delete, click the red button with the trash bin icon to delete.

3. Step 3: Use private app and private token

  • After creating private token, private app will be installed into the shop you selected when you logged in (step 1)

  • Private app will use the selected scope when creating private token

  • Private token is also used as access_token, this token can be used to query api.

  • Note: Only use api corresponding to the selected scope.

Ex: Use private token to query shop information.

Headers : 
Content-Type : application/json
Authorization : Bearer + access_token(private token)