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Send Message By Payload Id

Version: 1.0


This API will help you send messages to users via payload id (which you can get from setup Flow in Harasocial).

Authenticated access scopes: social.conv


  1. Must create & publish a Flow and get Flow's Payload Id and pass it to the api.
  2. Must send message inside 24 hours message window. (

Steps to get Flow's payload id:

  1. Go to
  2. Access the menu Chat Assistant on the left side:
  3. On menu Chat Assistant, click sub menu Content:{your_fb_page_id}/content/flow
  4. Click Create new Flow on the top right area.
  5. Enter Flow name in the popup and click Create.
  6. Setup your Flow. After done setup, click Publish.
  7. Click Share Payload on the top right area. Then the popup will appear with Payload Id (it looks like this: _hrf_f_...). (See picture below).
  8. Click Copy the Payload Id then Save.
  9. Use this Payload Id to send call API below. The PSID received a message by this api will go through the Flow linked with the Payload Id.


Request URI

  • POST

Example Request

curl -X 'POST' \
'' \
-H 'accept: text/plain' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {token}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' \
-d '{
"messaging_type": "harasocial_facebook_payload_id",
"recipient": {
"id": "2560816460648749"
"message": {
"payload_id": "__hrf_f_63072efd8d1cc15d16c3848e_s_4d12c525111725943cdbf556bd57687d"
"page_id": "500725830264749",
"metadata": "Custom string that is delivered as a message echo"


messaging_type: string

"messaging_type": "harasocial_facebook_payload_id"

The messaging type of the message being sent. Payload Id message type is define by value harasocial_facebook_payload_id

recipient: Recipient Object

"recipient": {
"id": "2560816460648749"

Recipient who received message. See Recipient Object.

page_id: string

"page_id": "500725830264749"

Page Id of the page will send this message

metadata: string

"metadata": "Custom string that is delivered as a message echo"

Optional. Custom string that is delivered as a message echo. 500 character limit.

message: Payload Id Object

"message": {
"payload_id": "__hrf_f_63072efd8d1cc15d16c3848e_s_4d12c525111725943cdbf556bd57687d"

Message Payload. See Payload Id Object.

Recipient Object

id: string

"id": "2560816460648749"

Page Scoped User ID (PSID) of the message recipient

Payload Id Object

payload_id: string

"payload_id": "__hrf_f_63072efd8d1cc15d16c3848e_s_4d12c525111725943cdbf556bd57687d"

Id of a payload which get from setup content in Harasocial


A successful Send Messages API request returns a JSON string containing status indicates that the request was passed validation and the system will process it.


"data": {
"success": true
"has_error": false,
"error_code": null,
"error_message": null


data: Success Object

"data": {
"success": true

The result of the action. See Success Object below.

has_error: bool

True if the request does not meet requirement or validation

error_code: string

The error code information

error_message: string

The error message information

Success Object

success: bool

"success": true

Status indicates that the request was passed validation and the system will process it