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About Haravan APIs

Haravan offers a suite of APIs that allow developers to extend the platform’s built-in features. These APIs allow Partners to read and write merchant data, interoperate with other systems and platforms, and add new functionality to Haravan.

Requirements for using APIs

  • All APIs require developers to authenticate.
  • All APIs are subject to rate limits.
  • All APIs are subject to developer terms of use
  • The developer provides a full API to serve the retrieval needs from users

Scopes and permissions

  • API call feature will be used on all shop plans
  • Depending on how you're distributing your app, you might need to request certain permissions or access scopes when merchants install your app.

Available APIs

Admin API

The Admin API is used to read and write data about merchant stores, products, orders, and more. You can use the Admin API to build apps that add features to the Haravan admin, the store management interface used by merchants.

Partner API

The Partner API is used to programmatically access the data found in the Partner Dashboard. This access enables Partners to effectively scale their business by automating their front and back office operations, freeing up time to focus on delivering value to Haravan merchants.

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