Are you a merchant trying to set up a store? Visit the haravan Manual.

Create a development store

As a haravan Partner, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of development stores. Development stores can be used as demo or portfolio stores, or they can be used as the first step sign up your clients for haravan. You can create them through your partner dashboard, on the Development stores page.

Development stores should be used in place of a 14-day free trial, which is what store owners would normally use to start on haravan. Development stores have no cost associated with them, have unlimited development time, and can be created as needed.

In order to make sure that you are paid for the client stores that you develop, you must create their store as a development store first, or have your client sign up through your referral link. If you need to link a pre-existing store to your partner account, you must reach out to your Partner Manager to add them to your account.


If your client signs up through your referral link, their store will be listed as an Affiliate on a 14-day trial, not as a Development store with unlimited development time.

In this article:

Create your first development store

1. From your haravan Partners dashboard, click into the Development Stores page.

2. Click Create a new Development store.

3. Fill in the store details.

You must include:

  • Store name
  • Store type (Online, Retail, or Online and retail)
  • Your password for your partner login

You can also choose whether to enter the store into haravan's Build A Business competition.

4. Click Create development store to create the store.

Once the store is created, you can log in immediately through the link at the top of the page.


You can log in to a development store at any time by clicking the store URL on your Development stores page.

Creating additional development stores

Once you have created one or more development stores, click Create a new development store in the header of the Development store page.

Development Store Features

Development stores have the full range of features included with the Unlimited plan. A development store has access to:

  • Discount engine
  • Abandoned checkout recovery
  • Real time carrier-calculated shipping
  • Advanced report builder
  • 50 test orders

Certain features are restricted from use in development stores, and require a paid plan. A paid plan is required for:

  • Paid apps
  • Paid themes
  • Custom domains


Paid plans require a credit card to be associated with the account. You should finish as much work as possible prior to changing the store to a paid plan to access additional features.