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Set up a billing system

Before you can submit your app to the App Store, you will need to have your billing system in place. We strongly suggest using the Haravan Billing API as your billing system. The Haravan Billing API is an easy billing system to set up; both our developers and store owners love it. Developers love it because it integrates into their app easier than other payment systems. store owners love it because the charge shows up on their Haravan invoice; no credit cards or third parties needed.

You can use other payment systems, but apps that use the Haravan Billing API are given a higher preference when it comes to promoting apps through our: newsletters, blogs, Twitter account, and other promotional mediums.

When you have your billing system in place you can progress to Beta Testing. We advise that during beta testing, you set your billing charges to test=true, so that store owners are not actually charged for your app. If you absolutely can't afford to offer the app for free during beta testing, try to offer a discount.


Beta test your app
This is an important step when preparing your app for submission to the App Store. During beta testing, store owners can identify any bugs in your code and provide you with feedback to help make your app even better.

Before you progress to beta testing, make sure that you have tested your app enough times to be confident in its functionality and usability. Also, make sure that your app is feature complete; beta testing is not about defining the core functionality of your app.

To make your app available for beta testing, create an App Store listing from your Partners dashboard.

Beta apps only appear in a special Beta category on the App Store.

We publicize beta apps through our sales and support channels to store owners who are actively asking for this type of functionality. Of course, store owners are free to visit the App store and discover the apps organically, but you can also give out the link to your listing directly.


To get the most out of the beta testing experience and prepare for app store submission, there are a few important things you should do:

     -  Make sure you provide accurate contact information so that Haravan can contact you should there be any issues with your app.

     -  Create a great visual presence. The first thing potential store owners will see in the App Store is your App Banner. The 310 x 100px and the larger 680 x 300px banners should be bright and vibrant, without a white background.

     -  List the benefits of your app. Make sure you advertise some of the great selling points to entice store owners to install your app. For example, "easily maintains relationships with customers," is a good example of a positive, concise selling point for an app.

     -  Supply screenshots. Sometimes, store owners won't want to invest in an app if they can't see what it does. By supplying screenshots, store owners can get a glimpse of your app and its capabilities.

     -  Solicit feedback from your test store owners. store owners leave reviews on your app's listing page, but you can also be proactive by contacting them directly and asking for comments and suggestions.

Once you've worked out all the bugs and your store owners are happy with their experience, get ready to submit your app to the App Store.

Submit your app to the App Store

Congratulations! You've come a long way and you're at the final step — publishing your app in the App Store. Prepare for publishing your app in the App Store by following these simple easy steps.

First, make sure your app works before submitting it. The App Approval team, user tests all apps before publishing them to the App Store. As soon as they hit a bug, they have to stop testing and tell you about it before continuing.

Second, prepare your application for future installations by making sure that the installation process is as seamless as possible. If your application integrates with other software make sure that the user understands what s/he must do to get your application up and running. If there are any special instructions that the user must follow, make these instructions stand out.

On your end, make sure you're advertising and posting where store owners are going to notice you. Email each of your installers and ask them what they think — especially those folks who uninstalled the app.

Finally, no matter what, make sure you register an app uninstall webhook to be pinged when your app is uninstalled. Build a list of those store owners who uninstalled your app during the first few weeks, and reach out to them to find out where your app fell short.

You should also be getting the store owners who still have your app installed after a few weeks to give your app a review on the app store. Reviews are important for increasing your install rate.